Mariachis En Vivo

Mariachi is not a new thing when it comes to delivering memorable musical performances. You have probably seen the Mariachis in Houston TX do killer performances in weddings, birthday parties, events amongst others.They have built a reputation for themselves in Houston, commonly used to propose to a lover.The soothing romantic music played makes your lover say ‘yes’ almost instantly.

The Mariachis are defined by a unique dressing code (charro outfits),use of instruments such as guitars and trumpets,and unique dancing and performance styles. Houston is proud to be a home to a number of famous Mariachi bands.

Mariachi Viajeros,one of the top Mariachi bands in Houston consists of young and talented male and female musicians.This band is diverse in the instruments played,among them guitars,trumpets,vihuela,violins and guitarron.They perform traditional Mexican songs and American hits at affordable performance fee of between $300-500 hourly.

Mariachi Origen Y Tradicion band,started in 2014, perform in events,be it social or business, at a reasonable fee of between $250-675.They are known for their thrilling performances driven by their deep passion in Mariachi music.

Mariachi Sol Azteca performs in parties and events on invitation.The talented band offers a thrilling singing,dancing and laughter experience to your guests.

Mariachi Calmecac band has been performing in Houston since 2009.It has talented members, who pride themselves in working with famous international artists such as Pepe Aguilar, Vicente Fernandez amongst others.

Mariachi Tradicion de Jalisco is a Marachi band founded in 2011 that plays both traditional and contemporary mariachi songs in events.It performs polkas,rancheras,boleros and huapangos.The band is available daily and charges affordable performance fee.

Mariachi music is thus a vital music that helps to make parties,events or celebrations a big success.The bands give their all to make such events fun and enjoyable.